As it turns out, the design for FM radio that is implemented in the Squirrel Hill tunnel is extremely cost effective. Other parties have approached the city of Pittsburgh and Penn DOT with offers to do exactly what our group has done, and they charge upwards of 60 - 80 thousand dollars PER SIDE of the tunnel. That is 120 - 160 thousand dollars for an entire tunnel (such as the Squirrel Hill tunnel) to be outfitted with FM coverage.Our budget was $2,500. And that was simply the cost of materials. Since the guys that worked in this group gave their time freely as a community service to the city of Pittsburgh, Penn DOT was able to design and install FM radio in the tunnels while saving tens of thousands of dollars!

Because the design is so cost effective, and constructed free for the city of Pittsburgh -- work is underway to install radio in more of the city tunnels! Many thanks to the guys that worked up in the tunnels all of those late nights.

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