Many people over the past few weeks have approached us with a simple question: "Why would you guys put all of this work into the project when you know you won't get paid?" The following are a list of emails that we have received from people in and around the city. They represent the answer to that question. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. We assure you, making the commute into the city more comfortable for everyone has been the driving force in this endeavor.

"A week or so ago a co-worker phoned me with the crazy notion that the radio in his car did not cut out through the Squirrel Hill tunnel during his daily a.m. commute. He was asking me for reassurance that he was not losing his mind, and being a fellow commuter from the east, I assured him that ,indeed, my radio did not cut out either. "Hmmm", we thought, "magic?" The lack of interruption continued. We remained happily puzzeled. When I read the article about your project, I found out it was Better than magic. Thank you so much for this service and your time. I appreciate it, my co-worker appreciates it ,as, I'm sure hundreds of other commuters do."

"I drove throught the tunnels recently and loved that fact that I could listen to the radio the whole way through! :o) It just never fails that one of my favorite songs comes on just as I hit the tunnel - now, no problem! Thanks for doing this!"

"Thanks for the ingenious public service project idea. I'm also glad that a news station finally reported your story because I was EXTREMELY intrigued with the fact that my radio kept playing in the tunnel on the way home from work....but not on the way to work. I guess that on Monday I'll be able to enjoy it both ways. Mystery solved."

"Hey guys! Heard the story on today's news. I just wanted to say that you all must be a great bunch of guys. I hope you go far in your careers but would love to see you stay in Pittsburgh. This is exactly what this city needs-- people like you who THINK and then ACT on there ideas. Too many people have all the talk in the world but never put the time and effort into it. I still cannot get over it that there are people out there that do community service (free). WOW, it's almost unheard of in this day and age. Again, thanks, from all the drivers in and around the Pittsburgh area. I will definitely think of you each and every time I go through that tunnel ... Keep up the good work!!!"

"All, I think what you are doing is absolutely wonderful. It's so encouraging to see people who care about their community and take the initiative to make positive change. Listening to tunes in the radio will be really nice, but the leadership you have demonstrated is even sweeter music in my ears. Thank you."

"Dear Professor Stancil: I want to thank you, your son Brian, and your students for wiring the Squirrel Hill Tunnel for radio. The constant interruptions of NPR have for years added insult to the injury of having to commute using the Parkway East. I'm sure there are thousands like me whose life you have made a little more pleasant. Now if you could get AM installed by the Pirates opening day....Oh never mind."

"This is great!!! Since I walk to work, I use the tunnels less regularly than many people and wondered one day when the radio didn't cut out at the usual spot in the tunnel. At first I wondered if WQED had a new, more powerful, transmitter, but didn't think that likely on their budget. If only world peace and poverty could be solved so easily..."